Sunday, 27 May 2012

Free 'Photos from the Footpath' Course for the over-60s

Heron by the Ecology Park
Take a closer look at Mile End Park and the surrounding areas on a free 'Photos from the Footpath' course, organised by FOMEP in conjunction with Walk East

This five-week course is specifically designed for over-60's to look afresh at Mile End Park, using photography as a focus. On different walks each week, you'll discover the wildlife, waterways, sculptures and street life around and about Mile End Park. There's always something new to photograph, whether that's water beetles and wild flowers in the ecology park, architecture at Queen Mary University, cyclists on the Regent's Canal towpath, or a Victorian classroom at the Ragged School Museum.

The course runs on Friday mornings (10am - 1pm) between 22nd June and 20th July.   

You'll experience a mix of photography tuition, local interest and working together to create a group photo-book. The tuition is pitched at beginner level, though more experienced photographers are also welcome. Cameras will be provided if you need one, refreshments are included, and at the end of the course you'll receive your own copy of the group photo-book. 

To book a place, please contact Graham Barker by email ( or phone (0791 922 1806) as soon as possible. Please provide your name, address, contact number(s), age, and whether or not you own a digital camera you'd plan to use on the course. Based on past experience, these courses can fill up pretty quickly.

Here's the flyer with more information

Sunday, 20 May 2012


This year's Dog Show on the 8th of July is going to have an Olympic theme. Instead of the usual categories we have:

          • Men's 20m sniff'n'stroll
          • Ladies' 15m strutt'n'pout
          • Veterans' 10 m pant'n'flop
          • Puppies posing
          • Tail wag
          • 6 inch smile
          • 7 leg sprint
          • Pairs legs display
          • Owner look-a-like
          • Olympic Fancy Dress

I confess I've got no idea what most of these mean? Feel free to have a guess....

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Occupy Protesters in the Park

Fully Erect - but for how much longer?
Around 20 protesters from the Occupy anti-capitalist movement have been encamped in Mile End Park since the beginning of April.

On Wednesday, 9th May, Tower Hamlets Council obtained a court order to have the camp removed and this looks likely to happen within the next few days.

Whilst the Friends haven't received any complaints from members of the public about the camp, there have been reports in the press and on various websites that the protesters have been taking fallen wood and felling sycamore saplings from the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Nature Reserve without permission.