Monday, 19 May 2014

Art Pavilion Update: Council threatened with enforcement action by the council!

Two regular towpath walkers discover the venue locked up of a weekend. 

At our public meeting on the 10th of April the Council claimed converting the Art Pavilion to a wedding venue didn't require planning permission. WRONG! The Council has just written to the Council threatening itself with enforcement action for an unauthorised change of use from an Arts Pavilion to a wedding venue. (Yes you read that right!)

The letter can be viewed here (I have redacted the council officer's name for privacy reasons).

The meeting was very well attended with 56 members of the public coming along and a large proportion of those speaking. Not one member of the public spoke in favour of the plans. Many arguments and views were put forward including: concerns about noise, parking, anti-social behaviour and the general effect on the local residents; artists objected to the loss of a wonderful venue; the loss of access to the Pavilion loos; the loss of access to the island - the list was long.

Many of you will have noticed that the island has been fenced off already and the works begun with the distinctive Art Pavilion sign being boarded over.

Meanwhile our letters to Mayor Rahman and our Freedom of Information Requests remain unanswered. The FOI requests were submitted on the 21st March and are now massively outside the 20 working days statutory reply period. This means the council is in breach of the Freedom of Information Act 2000

John Biggs, the Labour Mayoral candidate, has personally promised to review the plan if he is elected on Thursday.


  1. I was unable to attend the meeting and have been waiting for information. Was any justification for the Council's action advanced by the council representative who, I believe, attended?

    If the Council is in breach of the FoI regulations, which it clearly is, then the next step should be, unless legal advice has been contrary, to refer the matter to the Information Commissioner - or has that already been done? If work is already commenced then speed now becomes absolutely critical.

  2. Thanks for the comment Peter. I have today received an answer to my FOI request, which is totally inadequate. I will post it shortly and chase LBTH for a proper response. By the weekend we may have a change of management and when the new mayor is announced we will go once more unto the breach dear friend.

  3. Is there any ongoing action on this? Noise from the pavilion has been a great disturbance for 3 weekends in a row.

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