Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Lizzie Treip - 1958-2017

I am very sad to report that Lizzie Treip, a long-time supporter of the Park, has died after a long battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

As soon as MS forced Lizzie to give up her career, she offered her time and energy to Mile End Park as a leading member of the Friends of the park in the years after its regeneration and re-opening around 2000. She initiated and helped organise sports and arts events and started a series of annual summer events by organising a remarkable day of tasters of physical activities and sporting games throughout the length of the whole park. These were what later became known as Park Life. She had gathered a team of helpers who met in her home to plan these events. She continued to organise and support this and subsequent successful, well attended annual summer events for years until her health declined too much to continue.  

Lizzie received an award from Tower Hamlets council in recognition of her outstanding service to the park and its community. 

A memorial service to Lizzie will take place this Thursday 3.30PM at the Eco Pavilion. All her friends from the park are warmly welcome.


  1. oh this is really sad news from Lizzie Treip. I was not expecting this on your blog. i hope the things will be right back on track soon. best wishes from my side.

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