Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Bulb Planting - This Friday and Sunday (Can you spare an hour or so?)

Mile End in 2-3 years?
This coming Friday and Sunday, instead of our regular monthly litter-pick, we are holding a couple of bulb-planting sessions. These should be great fun for all the family.

The Council have given us 6,000 bluebells and the "Grande Plan" is to plant bluebells in the section of woodland between Grove Road and Mile End Climbing Wall beside the railway. Whilst the area is no forest, anyone who has wandered through there will know it is actually surprisingly peaceful. Who knows, after a couple of years Mile End may have its very own bluebell wood to rival the Bluebell Railway.

If you would like to come and help out then please email or just turn up. Further details below.

Event Details
Location: The woodland area between Grove Road and the Mile End Climbing Wall (shaded light blue in the map above).
When: FRIDAY: 11.30-3PM; SUNDAY: 10-12 or until the bulbs run out! 
Equipment: We have a range of tools and equipment, but if you have your own (gardening gloves/bulb planter, etc) then you are welcome to bring them. Please wear sturdy/non-precious footwear. 

If you want to pop along for just half an hour or so then please do (preferably with Haribos).

Next year we hope to continue bulb planting the area (planting bluebells "in the green" late Spring and more bluebells in the Autumn), and lots of different bulbs in the orange-shaded area above - the idea being that  the wood transitions from a bluebell wood to a more varied planting regime as you turn the dog-leg by the climbing wall.


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