Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Art Pavilion Exhibition: Staring at the Sun 4-14th April 2019

Staring at the Sun which is part of the Queer, Feminist and Decolonial Responses to Ecological & Environmental Changes festival is currently on at the Art Pavilion in our Park.

At the speed of techno-global-capitalism we continue producing, consuming and living without accounting for the earth’s ability to replenish itself at the pace that we demand – we want to stare at the sun and, at the same time, expect not to lose our sight. The artists in this international group exhibition critically approach this predicament by producing lived and speculative alternatives to the ongoing ecological and environmental destruction. Their visions draw from indigenous knowledges, eco-sustainable modes of living, non-exploitative human/non-human relations, queer bio-hacking, gendered approaches to climate change, nature-based spirituality and ecosexuality. 

Artists: Eca Eps / Helena Hunter / Liz Rosenfeld / Mary Maggic / Micha Cárdenas / Nadja Verena Marcin / Pinar Yoldas / Tabita Rezaire / Zheng Bo

Staring at the Sun @ The Art Pavilion
5 – 14 April / 12-7pm daily / FREE 


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