Well what a day! This year’s Dog Show and Fair has been the hardest one yet to organise. Cancelled in July and almost again two weeks ago for reasons beyond our control and yet the PDSA stepped in at the last minute and rescued the event.

The weather really was horrid at times, although not as bad as last year. … read more

All Things Must Pass

Michael Rowan, Head of Tower Hamlets Parks and formerly Director of Mile End Park, has recently left Tower Hamlets Council after nine years. Although many millions were spent redeveloping our park as part of the UK’s Millennium celebrations, to my mind it was Michael’s appointment as Director that had the biggest impact. There isn’t an inch of the park that … read more

Two Weeks to Park Life 2012


We’ve just two weeks left until this year’s Park Life. Lots of activities including children’s arts and crafts activities, face painting, a bouncy castle, t-shirt printing, outdoor sports, bicycle maintenance and artist stalls.

The Tower Hamlets Warden Service return with the extremely popular dog show which this year has, you guessed it, an Olympic theme. Our very own  read more

Occupy Protesters in the Park

Around 20 protesters from the Occupy anti-capitalist movement have been encamped in Mile End Park since the beginning of April.

On Wednesday, 9th May, Tower Hamlets Council obtained a court order to have the camp removed and this looks likely to happen within the next few days.

Whilst the Friends haven’t received any complaints from members of the public about … read more

Music in the Park

I was doing the [quarterly] ironing the other day, with 4MUSIC on in the background when lo and behold I saw Mile End Park in a video from 19 year old Conor Maynard. Conor is being touted as “Britain’s answer to Justin Beiber”. It got me thinking, what other videos have been shot in the park?

I can only think of
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